【Junmai Daiginjo】 Kitashizuku

$54.70 USD

【Junmai Daiginjo】 Kitashizuku  純米大吟醸きたしずく 375ml / 750ml 

As the days go by, Koji converts the rice micro particles into sugar, which gradually sweetens this sake.


Fresh, not heat-processed after production.

Important storage and management

Keep refrigerated(要冷蔵)


Sake brewing rice: Kitashizuku

Rice-polishing rate: 50%

Pepprcentage of alcohol: 15.50%

375ML 12.68OZ / 750ml 25.36oz 

Pickup locations  

● Hanale by Islander Sake Brewery on Oahu  

Mon. - Thurs. 10am - 3pm (and Hanale's open days until 9pm)

Fri. - Sat. 1 - 9pm

Please show us your confirmation email. We will confirm your order number, name, etc.


● Hanale by Islander Sake Brewery オアフ島 

月 - 木曜日 10am - 3pm (Hanale営業日は午後9時まで)

金 - 土曜日  1 - 9pm



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