【Junmai Ginjo】Natural Omachi

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【Junmai Ginjo】Natural Omachi 純米吟醸 ナチュラル雄町 375ml / 750ml

"Omachi" that is Sake rice made from grown in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, using "Kimura method of natural cultivation (no pesticides, no fertilizers, and no herbicide)". It has a high natural flavor.

Have you ever heard of "The Miracle Apple"? Many of you may have seen the book or movie. Under the guidance of Mr. Akinori Kimura, who cultivated "The Miracle Apple," farmers in Okayama Prefecture have been cultivating sake rice, Omachi rice, using the Kimura method of natural cultivation. 





As the day gose by, Koji converts the rice micro particles into sugar, which gradually sweetens this sake.



Fresh, not heat-processed after production.

Important storage and management

Keep refrigerated(要冷蔵)


Sake brewing rice: Omachi

Rice-polishing rate: 60%

Pepprcentage of alcohol: 15.50%

375ml 12.68oz / 750ml 25.36oz

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Fri. - Sat. 1 - 9pm

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● Hanale by Islander Sake Brewery オアフ島 

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金 - 土曜日  1 - 9pm




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