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【New year's sake】2023 Junmai Daiginjo Kitashizuku w/ Gold Flakes

$59.00 USD

【New year's sake】2023 

Years of the Rabbit limited edition label Junmai Daiginjo Kitashizuku with gold flakes

2023年 卯年限定ラベル 純米大吟醸 きたしずく 金粉入り

Celebrate the holidays with our Limited Edition New Year 2023 bottle of Kitashizuku Junmai Daiginjo with gold flakes. 

As the days go by, Koji converts the rice micro particles into sugar, which gradually sweetens this sake.


Fresh, not heat-processed after production.

Important storage and management

Keep refrigerated(要冷蔵)


Sake brewing rice: Kitashizuku

Rice-polishing rate: 50%

Pepprcentage of alcohol: 15.50%

750ml 25.36oz

Pickup locations  

● Hanale by Islander Sake Brewery on Oahu  Thurs. - Sat. 4 - 8pm

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● Hanale by Islander Sake Brewery オアフ島 木-土 4 - 8pm


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