【Sake set】Hanale's Special anniversary set 375ml × 3 bottles

$54.00 USD

"Pick up available at Hanale by Islander Sake Brewery!"

【Sake set】Hanale's Special anniversary set

Thank you for supporting us , we have the 1st anniversary for opening restaurants Hanale by Islander Sake Brewery. 

Special fresh locally made Sake was made in our brewery on the Big Island. We are offering our special Japanese food using fermented rice seasoning such as Koji and  Sake kasu( left over from the Sake). Please

enjoy pairing with healthy Japanese food and Sake!

Enjoy 3 of our beloved sakes to savor and share with friends, or by yourself! Perfect to bring to dinner at Hanale by Islander Sake Brewery, or  sip cozily in your own home. Each set includes three 375ml bottles:


Junmai Daiginjo Kitashizuku 

Junmai Ginjo Natural Omachi

Junmai Ginjo Yamadanishiki

Pickup locations  

● Hanale by Islander Sake Brewery on Oahu  

Mon. - Thurs. 10am - 3pm  (and Hanale's open days until 9pm)

※ March  27,28,29 (Mon., Tue., Wed.) 10am-8pm

Fri. - Sat. 1 - 9pm

Please show us your confirmation email. We will confirm your order number, name, etc.




● Hanale by Islander Sake Brewery オアフ島 

月 - 木曜日 10am - 3pm (Hanale営業日は午後9時まで)

※3月 27,28,29 (月火水) 10am-8pm

金 - 土曜日  1 - 9pm




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