The Kohala Coast is home to one of the most beautiful natural areas on the Big Island. A glass of sake can be enjoyed at dusk as the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean, turning the vast lawn red. The Mauna Kea Resort, which has a sake brewery, was established as a guest house for Rockefeller, and its golf course was designed by Arnold Palmer. Despite the location of the island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the golf course clubhouse is the best place to stay. Traditional sake brewing is carried out in this 8,500 square-foot space.


For visitors who want to learn about the supreme taste of sake and its art, we have established a restaurant called Engawa. The Engawa offers Islander Sake as a meal option. In Japanese culture, Engawa is considered the most comfortable space in the house, with the purpose of separating it from the outside world. Visitors are welcome to chat casually with house guests on the Engawa, or to unwind with a cup of tea or a snack. Taking a sip of our sake will help you relax and forget about your daily work. It is similar to landing at Hawaii’s airport, exiting the plane, and unwinding in the tropical air.



‘Omotenashi’ Dinner

Tue- Fri:
Dinner Time: Start at 17:30 & 19:30
(Sat-Sun & Mon closed)

Reservations required.



Spectacular ‘OMOTENASHI’ Dinner

5:30 PM & 7:30 PM. (Tue- Fri)

Prix fixe menu because this place is run by a small sake brewery. The philosophies of Hawaiian aloha and Japanese sensibilities are the foundations of our hospitality, ‘Omotenashi’. $75, plus tax, and includes one glass of “Daiginjo”. After receiving your initial glass of sake, you can try different flavors of sake by paying an additional fee.


Monthly updates are made to the menu.
*If you have any allergies, please inform us at least 24 hours beforehand via text.

Tue- Fri:
Dinner Time: Start at 17:30 & 19:30
(Sat-Sun & Mon closed)
Reservations required.

Omotenashi Dinner

Moon Night Soirée


The upcoming dates of Moon Night Soirée will take place at Islander Sake Brewery in Hapuna. You will be able to enjoy sake pairing with chef’s choice of assorted plates, Island and Japan flavored dishes which go well with our fresh sake brewed locally with Japanese authentic technique.

Our amazing chef for the evening is Teruhiko Kakazu, a sushi chef for over 24 years in Tokyo Japan. His course dinner will include fresh fish flown in from Toyosu Fish Market, alongside delicious local ingredients.


*Price composed of Omakase-style, chef’s choice of sushi and assorted plates & pairing fresh sake brewed in Hapuna
* Reservations required
*Guests must inform event hosts of any allergies before service.
* Limited to 40 guests
*The next event will be announced in the news section of our website.


Moon Night Soirée – $157.00+Tax per person


by Islander Sake Brewery


Hapuna Golf Course,
62-100 Kaunaʻoa Dr, Waimea
HI 96743


Tue- Fri:

Omotenashi Dinner Time
Start at 17:30 & 19:30
Saturday & Sunday – Closed





Do you allow menu modifications?

Generally we do not have menu modifications. However, we will do our best to accommodate your dietary requirements, but cannot guarantee we can meet all requests. Please indicate all food allergies and intolerances when you request a booking, and if we cannot substitute we will contact you personally.


Do you accept cancellations?

Please make cancellations at least 24 hours before the day of your booking. Cancellations made on the day of the reservation will be charged the full pre-fixed price, as we prepare ingredients ahead of time.


Do you accept large parties?

We accept online reservations for parties of up to 8 people. For larger parties, please contact us.


Do you have parking?

Parking is available at Hapuna Golf Course.