Introducing our new dining room, Hanale, located in Honolulu's historic Chinatown district. It’s been said that the best sake you can have is the one you can enjoy with friends, family, and even strangers. At Hanale, we provide a space for sake lovers, newcomers and everyone in between to enjoy good food and good company, accompanied with fresh, authentic sake.

Sake Pairings

Hanale by Islander Sake invites you to taste the sake we brew, paired together with delicious small dishes of food, served specifically to pair with your drink. Until we have our new liquor license, we kindly request you purchase a bottle of Islander Sake beforehand, to bring with you. (details below)


Ate (あて, ah-teh) is a Japanese word that roughly translates to small dishes of tasty food meant to accompany your drink. We design our dining courses to maximize the tasting experience of sake, by selecting ‘ate’ that highlights subtle characteristics through fun and delicious flavor combinations.

Sushi Kaiseki
18-course omakase dinner featuring fresh fish specially flown in from Japan, alongside delicious local ingredients, served with appetizer, soup and dessert. The tart acidity of our sake cuts through the rich umami of raw fish, revealing layers of hidden flavors with every bite, and sip!

Mon - Sat
5:30pm & 7:00pm seatings

$120 per person
(does not include drinks, tax or tip)


Two options to enjoy sake with your dining experience:

1. Purchase online through Kakaako Wine, and enter our address for shipping "25 N. King St. Honolulu HI 96817," and they will deliver to your table (orders must be placed 24 hours prior)
2. Purchase in-person at The Sake Shop, the nearest store from Hanale by Islander Sake (all types are available)

Corkage Fee
Sake, Beer - free
Other alcohol - $25 per bottle


Frequently Asked Questions