New High-Quality Sake, Endless stories at the Hanale

New High-Quality Sake, Endless stories at the Hanale.

●New High-Quality Sake
A new flavor has been brewed by Islander Sake for the first time. For example, speaking about its flavor, it has an excellent dry taste like Junmai Daiginjo made with rice imported from Hokkaido, JP. On the flip side, it has a sophisticated scent that can be enjoyed repeatedly with just sake and simple snacks.

After a very long finish, the fantastic tasting ends with the aftertaste, the strongest point of this sake. The Big Island’s clean mountains have brought us a sake that combines flavors and aromas that are uncommon in any other blend.
The sake, which was just treated last Monday, is now only available on the Big Island.

●Endless stories at the Hanale.
Oahu residents can soon enjoy freshly made sake in an inviting space thanks to the renovation of Hanale in Honolulu’s Chinatown. We are excited to welcome you this summer when we unveil a completely renewed complex in Chinatown for our sake. As soon as the details are released, we will let you know about the opening schedule on the Internet.