For visitors who want to learn about the supreme taste of sake and its art, we have established a restaurant called Engawa. The Engawa offers Islander Sake as a meal option. In Japanese culture, Engawa is considered the most comfortable space in the house, with the purpose of separating it from the outside world.

Visitors are welcome to chat casually with house guests on the Engawa, or to unwind with a cup of tea or a snack. Taking a sip of our sake will help you relax and forget about your daily work. It is similar to landing at Hawaii’s airport, exiting the plane, and unwinding in the tropical air.


Meeting you means a lot to us and we are looking forward to a pleasant time together. We invite you to visit our most valued area, the Engawa. Drinks and food are part of our menu. It is possible to use it for private parties as well.



Try our signature sakes in a tasting flight, and discover the flavors that make each one delicious and unique. We craft several beverages, brewed in rotation throughout the year. Tastings take place in our dining area adjacent to the brewery, where you can enjoy gentle breezes, taking in beautiful views of Mauna Kea Resort.


Sake Tasting – 3-Sake Flight: $18.00 per person
Sake Tasting – 5-Sake Flight: $28.00 per person

*Additional glasses or bottles can be ordered at any time during dinner.