JAL 70th Anniversary of International Flight Service

Connecting Dreams from the Sake.

Japan Airlines first carried passengers to Hawaii 70 years ago on February 2, 1954. Last night, a celebration was held at Washington Place in Honolulu to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the inaugural flight to Hawaii.


Japan Airlines connected San Francisco and Tokyo via Hawaii in a 21-seat plane 70 years ago.Since that day, there has been a significant increase in the exchange of people and goods between Japan and the United States, leading to prosperity for both countries.


A Hawaiian-born Nikkei came to visit Islander Sake Brewmaster Dr. Chiaki Takahashi on that night. He gave Chiaki a detailed account of his experience on the 18-hour Japan Airlines flight to Tokyo. After landing, he spent a month in Hiroshima and Fukuoka, where he had his ancestral roots. He remarked, I now recall it as the most pleasurable trip of my life. Without a doubt, the experience on the plane had a profound impact on his life afterward.


We, too, think about the meaning of making sake in Hawaii every day. Islander Sake shares the 2,000-year history of sake making with people in the United States. We have people from two different countries drinking freshly made local sake on the same island.This will greatly contribute to mutual understanding and future development.


To honor the efforts of the Hawaiian business community and tourism industry who have supported JAL, we developed a brewing plan and successfully finished the sake the day before the celebration. Combining the scent of the wooden Masu with the scent of sake rice from San Francisco, where Japan Airlines first connected 70 years ago. It is our belief that we had a lasting impact on the people in attendance at Washington Place in Honolulu.


JAL 70th Anniversary of International Flight Service