Report after the Herringbone Evening

Herringbone is a restaurant and bar located in Waikiki International Market Place and is managed by Kevin Aoki. His company started serving Japanese sake in 1964.


Aoki has been curious about local sake that started brewing in the middle of Honolulu’s industrial area. Islander Sake just started the business and only two types of sake were produced at that time.


He discovered the brewery by chance. He had come to replace the tires on his car at a nearby tire store and was strolling around the area while waiting for the work to be completed.
It was the time of COVID-19; every restaurant was suffering. There is no chance of testing unknown products for customers.


On February 7, 2024, the time came for his clients to try the Hawaiian sake that had been on their minds. 75 guests had a good time at Chef Tamashiro’s food and pairings that night. As Aoki watched his customers and staff smile, his eyes lit up as if he had found the answer.

Herringbone Evening with Islander Sake Brewery (Feb 7th)
Herringbone Evening with Islander Sake Brewery (Feb 7th)