Honolulu Festival 2024 – Sake & Food Fest –

Hawaii holds the largest Sake event with the largest number of participants at the Convention Center at the entrance to Waikiki.


On the initial day, numerous sake breweries from Aomori Prefecture and the Tama area of Tokyo showcased their sake, and a shochu tasting area also became available. A booth was set up by Islander Sake to showcase Hawaiian sake.Guests who were tasting the pineapple sake were commenting on how delicious it was.


Dr. Chiaki Takahashi, the president of Islander Sake, stated that there was a large crowd, many of whom had never had a sip of sake before. She hoped that they would recognize this as one of the rare chances to converse with the creators of the sake, instead of being poured sake by a sales representative.


On Sunday, March 10, the last day of the event, you can get free sake tasting at the Hawaii Convention Center 1F between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

Honolulu Festival 2024
Honolulu Festival 2024

28th Annual Honolulu FestivalSake & Food Fest
Sake-making culture in Hawaii, nurtured and protected by Japanese immigrants, has been gone since the last brewery closed its doors 36 years ago without any successors. However, the Island Sake Brewery revived the culture with their made-in-Hawaii sake. Their sake uses fine-quality rice from Japan and will make a highlight at the Sake & Food Fest with limited samples!

Next to the sake sampling booths is the delicious food corner that can be enjoyed with sake. You can experience delightful pairings of local dishes and Japanese sake, and get a sense of traditional Japanese summer festivals.

Mar 9(Fri) – Mar 10(Sun)
10:00 – 15:00